Testimonials By Men

"I felt like I was hanging out with a friend during my photo shoot, that allowed me to get great pictures that represented exactly who I am. " – Darren

"Phil photographed great shots for me. He has a great setup. His studio is stunning and inspirational. His music selection rules. And he keeps the feel of the shoot mellow and relaxed. I love my headshot." – Josh

"Working with Phil was amazing and my pictures reflected that! I had so many great shots to choose from. Everything was digital so I saw the pictures before I even left my session, I was never left wondering and hoping everything turned out good. The best part is that my headshots don’t look like everyone elses, they are unique and all their own! Phil is great at capturing your true self!" – Spencer

"Phil Kessler is an exceptional photographer! My photos are usually so bad that my older brother and I exchange them in a challenge to determine whose photo is worse. I was met at the studio by a professional hair and makeup artist and a completely relaxing environment. Since my headshots were taken digitally, I was able to walk away from my session with fantastic finished prints that express what I actually look like. Phil is extremely nice, patient, enthusiastic, and highly prepared. He’s a first rate professional and I look forward to working with him again in the future." – Paul Pennock

"I had the best time ever taking my headshots. The experience working with someone who takes the time to get to know you, keeps snapping till your fully satisfied, and gives you professional quality products, was amazing. The environment was so relaxing it allowed me to not worry about “posing” for a picture but to catch “the real me” on camera. Any time I need new shots done I’m coming back to Mr. Kessler. “Philly K”, you are my HERO!!!" – Spencer

"I had a wonderful time with Phil. Not only did I get some amazing pictures but I had a great time getting them. It was a very relaxed, fun, be yourself session and I really felt like I could bring myself into my photo’s. Just pop in some of your favorite music and have fun! You will get some great shots out of it." – Russel West

"Philip Kessler is a real people person. The shoot was very professional, and it was as if all the comforts of home were there with my. Great music, some good laughs, and a wonderfully abundant variety of fantastic headshots. I’ve had only positive feedback on my pictures, and would recommend Phil to any and all people who need a good photographer. If anyone can bring out your personality, he can." – Scott Goodhart

"Phil gave me more good choices than any other photographer I’ve worked with. Usually and actor’s dilemma is finding one good headshot out of a mediocre batch. Phil sent me home with literally dozens of options because he was so meticulous in lighting and composing each shot to showcase me at my best. You won’t find a better deal or a more accommodating photographer in New York City!" – Allen Kendall

"Philip, all I can say, thank you. Without the confidence and expertise I received from you and your brilliant make-up artist during my photo shoot, I frankly would not have been able to produce the type of professional and greatly satisfying photos that I have now. I have received more compliments on these headshots than I have ever heard before and I will always thank you for that. They are quite simply, stunning." – Dane Reese

"I never got a chance to say thank for spending time with me. Our photo shoot was very relaxed and I had a great time meeting you. I have received nothing but positive feedback on the pictures and I have been called into several auditions through mail and email submissions. You shot a great representation of me. I will continue to use you and send other to you in the future." – Shayne Mims

"I’m confident that I’ll never hear the phrase, “Your pictures don’t do you justice” ever again! Philip Kessler was able to capture all the aspects of my dynamic personality and pull them to the forefront throughout the entire session. His work truly brought out the best in me. Thank you Phil." – Chad A. Jeffries

"This was my first time taking head shots and I didn’t know what to expect. I walked in the door quite nervous, but within minutes I was smiling, laughing, and feeling great! I left with numerous photos that I was extremely pleased with. I can’t express how fun and easy Phil made this first step of starting my career. Thanks Phil!" – Nicholas Benitez

"Quality is probably the best word to describe my experience with Phil. He’s got killer equipment, a great studio, and this guy knows how to get the best out of you. Not only did he make me feel comfortable during the session, but I also had fun and the results were fantastic. As soon as I started using my new shots, I began getting compliments from directors and casting directors on their quality. And to think, I still have countless other shots to choose from our session. Thanks a million!" – Sean Hopkins

Testimonials By Women

"Fun, energetic, passionate, and easy-going are just some of the words that explain what it was like during my photo-shoot. " – Joy

"Working with Phil was fantastic! He was very professional but at the same time made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes I get camera shy, but Phil made it very easy, and I ended up with so many great shots to choose from. Phil is a wonderful photographer and I would recommend him to any and all my fellow entertainers." – Kristen Barnes

"Having my headshots done with Phil Kessler was great. He made me feel totally relaxed and the entire day was enjoyable and stress free. Plus you can see your prints right away; so you can make sure you are getting what you want and need. The only tough part was having so many fantastic pictures to choose from." – Laura

"Phil was a wonderful photographer to work with. He made me feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera and made sure we had a plethora of shots to choose from. His sweet yet professional demeanor made the experience easy and enjoyable, and I walked away with some amazing digital pictures on a cd – a format that he made so easy to use for reproduction. I’ve gotten extremely positive feedback on my current headshot!" – Meryl

"He is one heck of a photographer. I think the pictures he took of me are really nice and I was really impressed. He was so easy to work with and he made me feel so comfortable. If you have been thinking about taking the leap to New York to pursue your dreams on Broadway you should give Phil Kessler the opportunity to take your headshots. You won’t be disappointed." – Paige Davis

"With Philip you get someone who cares as much about the final product as you do. He will work and work with you until you get it right. He created a safe environment where I felt comfortable and able to voice my concerns and needs… and this all shows through my headshot." – Victoria

"I had a great time shooting pictures with Phil! He provides a comfortable atmosphere so you have the freedom to have fun and the results were fantastic" – Audra Blaser

"I really want to thank you again for taking amazing photos. You really made taking headshots an enjoyable experience. I showed them to all my friends this weekend and they all loved them! I highly recommend Philip Kessler to anyone who needs professional photos. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and his creative eye captures one’s uniqueness. The end result is beautiful and distinct photos." – Audra Kranz

"Working with Phil was awesome!!! I went in with my friend and the entire shoot felt like we were a bunch of friends hanging out having a good time, making the process very relaxed and enjoyable. I ended up with countless shots that display all sides of my personality which is exactly what I was looking for in a photographer and headshot!!! Not only that but we got oatmeal too… nice!" – Karolina

"Working with Philip Kessler was wonderful. The photo shoot itself was very relaxed and laid back allowing me to really let me personality shine. He would not settle for anything by my best, and made sure that I was always alive and connected to the camera. If things were starting to get a bit strained we would take a break and hang out. I say my pictures at the end of the photo shoot and I was very impressed. Philip’s work is exemplary. I am very happy with my headshots." – Elizabeth

"I loved my shoot. I felt completely comfortable and got exactly what I asked for Everybody was concerned with what I wanted and did everything they could to get it done. I’ve also never had anybody work so hard to ensure that I not only had great shots, but that I had a good time as well. I was even offered breakfast as soon as I walked in the door. It was a lot of fun and I love my pictures." – Erin

"Once Maddie met Phil and began working with him, her not insignificant anxiety about this venture – her first headshot – disappeared. In fact, the entire shoot was great fun. Phil was able to quickly establish a playful and respectful rapport with Maddie which put her at ease; he also invited her input which was another, intuitively perfect way to engage and 11-year old. In a relatively short time, we got the shoots we wanted – it didn’t hurt that virtually every shots Phil took was a keeper! So from both Maddies perspective and mine, the entire experience was a very positive one." – Rachel (Maddie’s Mom)

"Philip is not only a great photographer, but a great guy. He is very personable and made me feel right at ease. I had a ton of fun during the shoot and came away with a lot of great shots to choose from! I will definitely go back to Philip when I need my headshots updated." – Lydia Kalmen

"Philip Kessler is a fabulous photographer! His studio is wonderful and creates the perfect atmosphere for a great photo shoot. I was really tense at first, but Philip’s high energy and level of professionalism gave me the confidence I needed to get lots of great shots. Philip had this amazing ability to see when I was about to “check out” or lose focus and was quick to keep my energy up. Everything turned out how I wanted and I couldn’t be happier with my head shots!" – Mary Catherine McDonald

"My photo session with Phil was fun, spirited, and great! He is easy-going and a lot of fun to work with, he wants you to have the best photo shoot possible. Phil did an amazing job with my headshots, they are all so great, and I am extremely pleased with them! He really captured me in my headshots. His makeup artists are wonderful as well. If you want to have a lot of fun in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and get amazing headshots, come to Phil. He is wonderful!" – Nichole

"I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot experience! The energy and atmosphere at the shoot were amazing. Phil’s equipment and loft space are ridiculously top notch! Joy, my makeup artist did and amazing job and the rapport between the three of us was awesome… providing for some unique, versatile, and kick-ass pictures. I was able to put together a great comp card as well as new headshots! I recommend working with Phil with a vengeance!!" – Katherine Tokarz

"Every agent and casting director says “Who is your photographer?” Your pictures look just like you. I love that! Philip is able to take a “Woman of a certain age” and make her feel comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful during an absolutely delightful easy-going shoot." – Joan Barber

"Working with Philip was such a fun experience. He really makes you feel completely comfortable, as if the session is just you hanging out with a friend. The best part is as you’re working he shows you the photos, so you can see if you are pleased with the outcome before the session is over. He will get great pictures out of you, no matter how unphotogenic you think you are! He also makes a mean protein shake." – Sarah Gordon