About Phil Kessler

There are very few things an actor can do to get ahead of their competition. Having a well composed and representative headshot is one of those things. Agents and more importantly casting directors are looking for the person in the photo to show up at the audition. Headshots that do not clearly portray your appearance and personality are a disservice to you and others.

I strive to provide you with the best possible representation of you and your personality. Agents and casting directors are frequently referring clients to me because of my consistent quality and delivery of a superior headshot every time.

My Studio

I take both indoor and outdoor photos however it is your shoot and you call the shots! I like to use both, and my studio is perfect for either type of light (Please know that depending on the weather, natural light may not be the best choice for your session). Obviously if the forecast is for tornadoes, we can reschedule your session.

If you find yourself with questions or are simply feeling stressed out about the shoot, just call me. Please refrain from getting a haircut or coloring, doing heavy skin treatments/facials, tanning or getting things waxed or plucked for a couple of days before the shoot if you can help it. It promotes blemishes. Also, please no margaritas or staying up late the night before!

I highly encourage you to use one of my wonderful hair and makeup artists. We have been working together since I started shooting and have always created terrific results together. It takes two sets of eyes to make sure everything is perfect and that you have no stress! The better the hair and makeup, the fewer post production touchups are needed.