Advantages of Shooting Digitally

There are many advantages to a digital session, including the ability to view your photos during your session. This makes it easier for us to achieve the look you want. We are not tied down to the traditional "three rolls of film", and can take as many shots as we need. There is nothing worse then spending all that money on "new" headshots and waiting two days to get your contact sheets only to find the pictures were not what you were looking for.

An Average session is between 350-450 exposure and minimum of 3 outfit changes or until you are happy with your shots. All sessions are digital and include 3 contact sheets. All the images immediately after the session will be uploaded to a password protected website for access that same day. You own all of your pictures in high resolution quality.

We can also edit as we shoot, getting rid of shots where your expression isn’t good, or you are blinking. This leaves you with only the shots you love. In addition, you no longer have to wait weeks for your final images. These can be done on the same day. (There is no better disservice than walking out with 400 shots not even your mom wants to look at). I will be pickier than your friends and family. I am on your side. I’m not trying to get you out the door. I don’t want to rush clients and I want you to be comfortable. Let me help you narrow it down to the best shots.

Most photographers give you only two "proof prints" and they KEEP the negatives. By shooting digitally you walk away from the photo shoot with full color high resolution images available for download the very same day. Shooting digitally allows me to do final touch ups faster and more precise. Two free touchups are included in your session price.


'Reproductions' on 40th street is offering a service called Master Prints, which are copies created from the CD I provide for you.