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Philip Kessler Photography

As a Professional Photographer living and working in New York City, my focus is on providing my clients with the best possible headshot that represents their personality and goals as an actor or performer. A great headshot can be the foundation of a great rèsumè, and can help actors get their foot in the door for auditions.

My studio is equipped for both natural and studio lighting and I love using and working with all the newest gear. I prefer to use natural light for headshots whenever possible. I find it gives my photos more personality and portrays my clients more accurately. I work with established and aspiring actors to give them exactly what they need, a fabulous headshot.

  • Headshots: Commercial, Film, TV, and Broadway
  • Portfolio: Models, Spokespeople, Musicians
  • Corporate: CEO's, Executives, Website Bios

I look at every new client as a blank canvas, and I want to recreate the personality of my subject in every photo I take. All of my photo shoots are dynamic and personalized for my client, and because I shoot digitally, I am able to review and tweak every headshot as we go. I am constantly looking for the best angle and side of your face, evaluating clothing choices, lighting and more. I want to give you the best possible result for each outfit change.

I truly care about my art, and I put my heart and soul into every photo and headshot I take. My passion and drive shows in every photo, and my frequent recommendations from casting directors and agents have added to my reputation. Every client that walks into my studio is unique, and I believe your headshot should be unique as well.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my process or to schedule a consultation.